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AAPT Corporate Social Responsibility

At AAPT we believe that corporate responsibility is more than just a decision to act ethically and responsibly. It is about actively living out these values in a manner that will have a profound influence on the larger community. We take part in a wide range of activities that aim to assist those who need it most. These activities have been segmented into four primary areas; Corporate, Community, Environment and Internal.


We are always keen to work together with our partners and customers to determine how we can assist those less fortunate. Of course, such strategies would not be possible without the assistance of our loyal and generous customer base.

World Vision

World Vision AAPT in conjunction with World Vision - is undertaking a major community initiative that includes the sponsorship of 100 children from Medebay Zana, Ethiopia. The aim of the initiative is to sustain the wellbeing of children and the fulfilment of their rights in partnership with local government and project partners, especially the most vulnerable children within families and communities.

The Medebay Zana Area Development Program (ADP) was established by World Vision to help transform the lives of local communities. Land degradation and deforestation have contributed to low production and productivity in the area, meaning that access to food can be unreliable. As a result, many families suffer periodic food pressures throughout the year. Low-income opportunities also means community members are less able to cope with external shocks, such as failed rains.

World Vision's aim is to find Australian sponsorship for 700 children from this community and AAPT’s commitment will make a major difference to the lives of the people living in this part of the world. To find out more about the great work World Vision does, please visit their website here.


Assisting the community strikes at the very heart of what we are trying to achieve through our Corporate Social Responsibility program. We undertake a number of initiatives to reach out across a broad spectrum of non-for-profit industries.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Please see below for a testimonial regarding our involvement with the National Breast Cancer Foundation from NBCF Corporate Manager Libby Hayes.

AAPT's Partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation has grown from strength to strength since 2009, having provided vital telecommunications services to our business. The engagement of their people through heavily promoted initiatives such as the Mother's Day Classic and Pink Ribbon events across their internal and social media platforms,  has been vital in the success of raising essential funds to support vital research. We hope to continue to develop and strengthen this bond well into the future to achieve the National Breast Cancer Foundations inspirational goal of 'Zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030'. The NBCF would like to thank AAPT for their generous support and together we can make a genuine difference to the women in our lives - for today, tomorrow and future generations. Libby Hayes
Corporate Partnerships Manager
National Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer FoundationAAPT is a platinum partner for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, offering an array of telecommunications and community services. This includes participation in events such as Pink Ribbon Day as well as the Mother’s day Classic 2012 Fun Run. We are thoroughly proud of our association with such a cause and look forward to strengthening this bond in the coming years.


AAPT is an extremely proud sponsor of ACMF (Australian Children’s Music Association). This partnership annually culminates in the stunning ‘Dueting It For The Kids’ concert, an event that stars many of Australia’s finest performers and raises funds for the very worthy ACMF cause.  

AAPT has been a proud supporter since 2011 and looks forward to working with ACMF into the future.


As a business, we are dedicated to minimising waste and ensuring the best possible use of resources. It is a philosophy reflected both internally and externally. It is also something we encourage our stakeholders to participate in.

Earth Hour 2013

Since 2007 AAPT has joined thousands of businesses and households around the world in turning off our lights as a symbol of our commitment to a sustainable future.

Waste Management

All AAPT offices operate paper recycling facilities, and paper for printing is produced from a percentage of post-consumer waste. AAPT promotes electronic invoicing and bill payment, cutting down both paper used but also the resources needed to transport a physical invoice.


As mentioned, we don’t believe CSR is an obligation, it’s a lifestyle that every employee in AAPT can aspire to. We are proud of our ability to raise funds and stage internal events that benefit a terrific number of charities.