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AAPT's new platinum internet speeds it up for business

In a first for Australian businesses, AAPT has launched a new Internet service offering Ethernet access speeds across standard telephone lines.

Following on from the recent announcement of a multi-million dollar partnership with Cisco for the delivery of a new MPLS core and distribution network, the release of the Platinum Internet product is another bonus for business customers.

AAPT Chief Executive Officer, Paul Broad, said AAPT was focused on providing Australia's business customers with world-class solutions at competitive prices.

"Platinum Internet is an excellent choice for businesses with a heavy reliance on uploading. It is a unique, high-grade, high-performance offering from AAPT and gives our customers Internet applications with Ethernet delivery.

"This is the perfect product for any business feeling constrained by the cost or speed of their current Internet connection. In the past businesses have been forced to opt for insufficient, yet low-cost speeds with ADLS2+ technology or excessive speeds at a significant cost with fibre.

"Platinum Internet is the ideal alternative - customers will be able to upload and download at the same time with much faster transfer of data, at affordable rates," said Mr Broad.

AAPT has trialled its Platinum Internet in a limited number of exchanges and the product is now available across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, with further expansion planned during the year.

AAPT Platinum Internet options range from 2 Mbps to 40 Mbps, is more reliable than standard DSL or SHDSL services and reduces the need for alternate delivery mechanisms.

"AAPT is a tier-one carrier, with a national business-grade network comprising both optical fibre and DSL technologies. We offer our customers the full suite of quality products and services they expect from their telecommunications provider, and we make it easy.

"We are constantly developing new products for the business market and Platinum Internet is the first of a number of innovative solutions we will launch," said Mr Broad.


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