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Bureau of Meteorology and AAPT

Over the better part of a decade, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has experienced a significant influx of traffic into their site, bom.gov.au, hauling in a remarkable 2.5 billion hits a month..

With new features to the site encouraging more and more visitors, the BOM required a solution that delivered extreme performance while offering the best possible levels of availability.

What was done?

By identifying current and future BOM requirements, AAPT applied their CDN (Content Delivery Network), a powerful online platform designed to accelerate online content delivery reliably and efficiently. The solution provides BOM with the ability to accommodate new features as well as spikes in traffic. It is also geared to sharing applications across BOM’s infrastructure as well as playing a vital role in disaster recovery and point-to-point transfer.

The result

  • Extremely fast performance
  • Network scalability
  • Superior Internet services
  • Scope for development
  • Future-proof
  • Innovative system

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