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AAPT virtual Data Centre (vDC)

AAPT’s vDC is a suite of carrier-grade computing services embedded within AAPT’s extreme performance national IP network. Providing both Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions, and hosted in multiple data centres across Australia, it takes away the pain and expense of an actual data centre.

By eliminating the complexity of using a physical data centre, server and storage hardware are no longer needed and you no longer have to worry about power, rack space or any other data centre costs. Simply order the virtual servers you need and log in.

AAPT vDC allows a welcome transformation to the delivery of mission critical applications - providing simplicity, ease of access, scalability, reliability and alignment with the Cloud concept and philosophy. It integrates two solutions that allow you to drive your business forward - vInfrastructure and vServer:


AAPT vInfrastructure provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service through a suite of high availability, scalable computing and storage resources built within AAPT’s Carrier-Grade national network and data centre facilities.

It allows you to build and manage a suite of virtual machine (RAM, CPU, and storage) requirements on your terms, without the expense of maintaining your own hardware. You maintain complete control over the configuration and management of your virtual servers through VMware's vCloud Director management tool, supporting growth and change at the click of a button.


Integrated into our vDC, AAPT’s virtual server (vServer) is a superior Platform-as-a-Service solution, providing high performance, packaged virtual machines that empower and maximise your suite of applications.

Available on Windows, Linux and Solaris, vServer services can be housed on your private network or accessed over the internet.

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