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AAPT | EdgeCast

Delivering any data, anywhere, anytime, AAPT | EdgeCast is the world's fastest, most reliable content delivery network

Why use a CDN?

"Simply put, anyone looking to make their website faster can benefit from a CDN"

Content needs to be optimised for the fastest possible loading times regardless of the end user's location. Covering four continents, AAPT | EdgeCast caching servers are located at key Internet exchange points and are just milliseconds away from almost every broadband user on the planet. This gives you:

  • Network scalability
  • Geographical reach
  • Super-fast global load balancing
  • Instant-on, high-quality audio and video in any major format
  • Best viewing experience for the end user

AAPT | EdgeCast gives you the ability to scale quickly, without having to worry about the additional costs and delays of adding new infrastructure, people and connectivity. Our CDN will grow with your business and be flexible to accommodate flash crowds and other surges in demand.

AAPT | EdgeCast partnership

AAPT | EdgeCast provides an optimised content delivery solution for the Australian market. The combination of EdgeCast's CDN and AAPT's national tier-1 network allows global websites to serve content into Australia and Australian websites to reach eyeballs around the globe. The AAPT | EdgeCast solution provides:

Extremely fast performance – faster than other CDNs, proven via third party performance testing. (Gomez, Keynote and Cedexis)

Quick Setup – Up and running in minutes, not hours or days

Built for the Australian Market – Australian focused, backed by AAPT Australian Tier 1 network and staff

Dedicated Data delivery – Separate Small and Large object platforms

Intelligent Routing – AnyCast, less steps to the end user and more precise

Web-based tools – Media Control Console for quick setup and account management

Find Out More

To learn more about AAPT Edgecast including price, specs or additional benefits call us on 1300 760 361 or enquire online.