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Cloud Services

The benefits of Cloud are clear – efficient work practices, less load on your IT infrastructure and a multi-faceted platform. It provides a marked improvement in efficiency and productivity whilst keeping IT overhead costs to an absolute minimum.

Each of the products in our Cloud portfolio is directed by our philosophy of extreme performance networking. We have tailored all of our products to maximise potential and ensure the most effective means to conduct your operations.

Best of all, it is backed by one of Australia’s largest IP networks.

Explore our services

AAPT Google Apps – Our Apps give you access to a comprehensive suite of web-based tools – such as email, internal websites and video - that provide your business with greater management and organisation.

AAPT Media Connect - Media Connect utilises AAPT’s powerful network to provide a platform for the media industry to share digital files instantly.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Via AAPT’s partnership with leading CDN provider, EdgeCast, you will have access to a fast, resilient and scalable network from which you can serve all or part of your web content.

AAPT virtual Data Centre (vDC) - Providing both Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions, AAPT vDC removes the complexity and expense of using a traditional data centre.

AAPT Co-Location – Ensure the best possible performance for your mission-critical applications.

AAPT National AWS Connect – provides a dedicated private network connection from your data centre, office or co-location environment to Amazon's new Australia Web Services Infrastructure, and is designed to extend Amazon's Direct Connect (tm) product to anywhere in Australia.

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To know more about AAPT Enterprise products and services including price, specs or additional benefits call us on 13 88 77 or enquire online.