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AAPT Business Applications (Google Apps)

Avoid the costs and hassles of managing traditional IT solutions in-house.

With AAPT Business Applications (Google Apps) you will have access to a comprehensive suite of web-based tools – such as email, internal websites and video - that provide your business with greater flexibility and management.

Powerful and simple

Harness the power of AAPT Business Apps (Google Apps) through secure collaboration and flexible communication tools.

Communicate – enjoy superior storage space and reduced running costs with Google’s email, calendar and instant messenger applications

Collaborate – empower you and your employees to work on the same document online, anytime and anywhere

Cost effective – eliminate software version issues and reduce IT costs by having your applications update automatically

Secure, flexible and collaborative

Tune in your business with AAPT Business Applications powered by Google.

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To know more about AAPT Enterprise products and services including price, specs or additional benefits call us on 13 88 77 or enquire online.