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AAPT Solutions

Need to triple your call capacity?

AAPT SIP Voice is a premium voice solution that maximises the potential of your current telephony setup. Delivered over AAPT’s extensive National backbone Network, AAPT SIP Voice provides superior scalability, increased functionality and seamless integration into your current IP system.

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Need to optimise your web presence?

In partnership with EdgeCast, AAPT’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows you to access a worldwide network that you can leverage to dramatically improve the speed and performance of your website.

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Are you looking for a platform to 'Connect, Transfer and Store' your file based media?

Media is changing. In fact, it is changing rapidly. The good news is that AAPT is changing along with it.

A trend is emerging whereby media companies around the world are migrating toward a non-linear, 'file-based' digital content delivery approach.

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Need to migrate to IP telephony?

AAPT SIP Voice has a number of distinct advantages over traditional ISDN.

For example, as your business becomes more successful, the demand on your voice requirements grows. AAPT SIP Voice allows you to add lines easily and efficiently, without the hassle of waiting for new lines or hardware to be installed.

This also means that there is no need for staff or phone system maintainers to enter your site – everything is completed over the network seamlessly and cost effectively.

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Would you like to understand how we partner with the industry?

AAPT's Alliance program incorporates a scalable platform and an innovative 'go to' market approach that empowers your business to achieve strength through partnership.

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Need to connect to multiple sites?

AAPT Business e-LAN provides your technically savvy business with the capacity to configure and manage your own VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution. This means you have complete control over the business sites within your network, allowing you to adapt to your changing requirements.

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Need to connect to Cloud Services?

The benefits of Cloud are clear – an efficient workplace, secure platform and the freedom of hosted IT infrastructure. Our portfolio of Cloud products are also leveraged from one of Australia’s largest and most robust IP networks. Furthermore, they have been developed to assimilate seamlessly with your business objectives.

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