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Helsinki and AAPT Limited

Founded in Melbourne, the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) is a worldwide annual corporate health initiative. After experiencing an explosion in popularity just after its release, overseas participants began to experience lag from the site used to promote GCC. The group responsible for the website, Helsinki Agency, therefore required a solution that would improve its performance and limit slow-down.

What was done?

In response, AAPT delivered a CDN platform that allowed participants to experience the same level of quality on the GCC website wherever in the world they visit it from. This was not only cost effective, it also saved Helsinki the trouble of creating and maintaining their own Content Delivery Network.

The result

  • Global presence
  • Ease of deployment
  • Fast load times
  • Rapid content refresh
  • Easy web-based control panel
  • Competitive pricing and savings

Find Out More

To know more about AAPT Enterprise products and services including price, specs or additional benefits call us on 13 88 77 or enquire online.