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AAPT Broadcast and Media

Media is changing.  In fact, it is changing rapidly. From content being made available in most countries (an example being the success of the English Premier League around the world) to the way it is watched... as illustrated here:

Infographic developed by Marketing (marketingmag.com.au) and Transmission (transmissiondesign.com.au). Source: Nielsen, Australian Online consumer Report, March 2012; Informar Telecoms and Media, Connected-TV and pay-TV operator partnerships, January 2012

The good news is that AAPT is changing along with it.

To adapt to this new dynamic, broadcasters and media owners are finding they have to abandon the old ways of doing things: couriers and tapes are no longer either quick enough or reliable enough. Digital files, or more importantly associated tapeless workflows, are increasingly being adopted.

AAPT, through"Connect, Transfer and Store", enables media companies - from content owners, production houses and service providers - to work collaboratively within the media community, as this migration to file based working continues. For more details please click here.

So what does AAPT mean by Connect Transfer and Store?

Connect – building on core network capabilities, AAPT can provide services ranging from broadcast quality contribution services, to the connectivity which enables file transfer.  Designed to provide services to all members of the media community from the largest broadcaster to the man in the garage, AAPT can also provide international reach through their partnership program.

AAPT’s established relationship with Edgecast also delivers comprehensive CDN (Content Delivery Network) distribution at the other end of the workflow.

Transfer – AAPT have deployed Signiant, a world-leader in managed file transfer software as the glue that holds this workflow together.

Store - this process is delivered through the AAPT Cloud platform, with storage provided by the AAPT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capability.

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