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National Broadband Network (NBN)

What is the NBN?

The NBN is a new broadband network that will provide access to high-speed broadband to 100% of Australian premises. The NBN will connect 93% of Australian homes, schools and businesses to a high-speed fibre optic network, capable of providing broadband speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. The remaining 7% will be connected using wireless and satellite access technology.

Source: Australian Government (http://www.nbn.gov.au/about-the-nbn/what-is-the-nbn/)

AAPT - first aggregator for NBN services

AAPT was the first organisation to be an aggregator of NBN services, having successfully passed all NBN Co certification tests. This achievement exemplifies our long history of blending our services with third-party accesses to create comprehensive solutions for our customers. Only carriers with an extensive national fibre network can be aggregators, reinforcing our position as one of the leaders in the industry.

AAPT and the NBN

With our extensive national fibre network and a long history of being a third party access supplier (we are already at 66% of announced NBN POIs), we are in a very strong and unique position in the Telco market.

The NBN will offer AAPT another high-speed, high performance network that will enable us to provide your business with seamless voice, data and Internet solutions across multiple access networks.

Additionally, many of our existing products are NBN-enabled and others will be developed as a result of our alignment with the NBN rollout. We are excited about leveraging our position within the NBN to grow our existing product portfolio. This includes expansion into services such as converged communications and cloud solutions.

Our prospective National Broadband Network product is one such product that is a natural complement to our existing strategic access portfolio.

AAPT National Wholesale Broadband

AAPT has developed a strategic product to allow our customers gain maximum benefit from the NBN. Our first initiative is the National Wholesale Broadband, a product that will blend different access technologies to provide you with a solution that will expand as the NBN broadens its coverage. It offers flexible handoff options, which allows you to bundle your own applications and services with the product putting you in control of the end customer experience.

National Wholesale Broadband will also offer both national and multiple state handoff.  This means if you have networks or large customer clusters in different states, we can collect all of your end users’ traffic and allow you to provide your own services regardless of location. This saves you from investing in costly NBN backhaul and provides you an efficient method of delivering comprehensive solutions to your end users.  For customers with limited infrastructure, you can take advantage of our National Wholesale Broadband layer 3 solution for creating your own Internet plans and services that you can offer to end users.

We understand that there may be customers who want to interconnect directly in some of the NBN POI’s as their user base is heavy within one particular area. Depending on your NBN POI interconnect requirement, you can look at purchasing carrier grade, business grade or standard e-line services from AAPT.  Complementary to this, you have the option to purchase National Wholesale Broadband in order to expand the coverage of your customers across Australia.

Working alongside the NBN

At AAPT we understand that aligning with the NBN will have a positive impact on everything we do.

As such, we are dedicated to developing a strategic plan that will cater to your ongoing requirements. Part of this plan includes determining which of our products are NBN-enabled and which we can develop as a result of our alignment.

Our dedicated focus on corporate and wholesale markets means we are in a unique position to create a Telecommunications partnership.

With an extensive and flexible infrastructure already in place, our aim is to ensure we are the easiest to deal with infrastructure provider in Australia. In fact, we have been adapting our services to suit the needs of the Telco market for over twenty years. And now with our alignment to the NBN, we will be able to achieve this by providing you with unprecedented business solutions.