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The policies, processes and information set out below apply to AAPT’s small business customers. We consider that you are a small business customer if you:

  • are a business and acquire services from us for business purposes, other than for resale;
  • you did not have the chance to negotiate the terms of your contract with us; and
  • have an annual spend with us of less than $20,000.

AAPT takes its compliance obligations seriously. If you need further information, please call 1300 786 786 or direct dial us on +61 2 8277 5712.

Network Coverage

Network coverage information for AAPT services can be found here. Use the AAPT Service Availability Tool to check if a service is available at your business premises. Mobile network coverage information is available here.

Choosing the right capacity
If you’re unsure what capacity you need on any of our voice or internet products, we’ve provided you with information to help you to choose the capacity that best meets your needs.

International roaming

If you want to use your AAPT mobile service outside Australia, you will need to activate international roaming. You can activate and deactivate international roaming by contacting our Customer Service Desk on 1300 786 786 or by logging a support ticket via our customer service portal - Frontier. Roaming charges may be higher than charges for international calls from Australia and data usage may be more expensive. You may be charged for both making and receiving calls while you are overseas. You can obtain our current charges for sending SMS, making and receiving standard calls and for data usage from different countries by contacting our Customer Service Desk or your account manager.

Critical Information Summaries

AAPT offers a number of in-market plans with standard pricing, which are available to all small business customers. A summary of each plan, which includes information about the service, information about pricing and other relevant details, can be found by clicking on the links below:

Billing Information
If you are a small business customer, you’ll find a summary of AAPT’s billing framework here. You’ll find information on bill formats, billing and payment periods and payment options.

Spend Management Tools
AAPT provides access to a number of tools to enable you to take timely action to manage or limit your spend with us.

As AAPT’s range of products is varied, so are the security tools and features available within each service. For more information about these tools and features, click here.

AAPT as a Reseller
AAPT acts as a reseller when providing certain Telecommunications Services. Find out more about the principal Carrier whose network is used to provide these services.

Non-AAPT Branded Hardware
From time to time, AAPT may supply you with non-AAPT branded hardware in connection with certain offers.  Find out more about the devices used with our current offers here.

Financial Hardship Assistance Policy
If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship, AAPT is committed to providing you with access to flexible repayment arrangements, taking into account your individual situation.

Complaint process
If we haven’t provided the level of service you expect, or you feel we could do something better, please tell us. We have a formal complaint process in place to ensure that your complaint is addressed appropriately.

Other Information
This section provides information for small business customers on a range of regulatory matters, including copyright, calling number display, spend management tools, premium services and the Customer Service Guarantee.