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Quality of service brings true value to RLS WA

When the Western Australian State Government introduced the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme in 2003, Royal Life Saving Western Australia (RLS WA) seized the opportunity to create two commercial call centres in rural Western Australia.

At its core, RLS WA is a charity and funds its initiatives through a combination of government grants, private sector sponsorship, social enterprises and community support.

By creating the call centres, RLS WA was able to save money by managing its telemarketing in-house and raising funds via on-selling call centre services to other organisations.

In 2004, the private service provider that wholly managed RLS’s two call centres went into receivership and RLS WA was suddenly left without a partner to run its call centres.

What was done?

To ensure RLS WA had continuity of service, AAPT stepped in and simplified call centre management, allowing RLS WA to manage the call centres directly.

As part of the complete service offering, AAPT provided a range of its inbound services as well as carrier-grade national ISDN services for outbound calls. It also managed IP VPN, allowing RLS WA to securely share data, communicate between offices and increase productivity.

To ensure the relationship is productive, RLS assesses service level performance in monthly minuted meetings with its account manager, as part of AAPT’s Customer Charter initiative, and AAPT’s online customer portal, AAPT Frontier, allows RLS to log faults, review services and access 12 months of account details in real-time.

The result

  • Maintained business continuity
  • Improved links between sites
  • New call centre clients and corporate donors
  • Increased corporate awareness of client
  • Effective and efficient management of incoming client calls and intra-business calls

As a charitable organisation, price is a key consideration for RLS WA when choosing service providers. While RLS WA has benefited from a competitive rate for AAPT’s services, the quality of the service is what provided the greatest value to the charity.

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