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STW Group connects with AAPT for creative freedom

STW Group, Australasia’s largest marketing communications group, required a complete overhaul of its data, internet and voice network to enhance collaboration between its 17 offices.

In late 2011, STW Group experienced a week-long wide area network outage and it decided to create a new ICT infrastructure network based on AAPT Business e-LAN, IP-Line, SIP Voice and inbound and outbound voice services.

STW Group’s new networks had to be highly-flexible with massive bandwidth to quickly accommodate newly-acquired businesses and ensure teams could freely share high-resolution artwork, design and video files between offices.

What was done?

AAPT offered the best technical solution to consolidate STW’s data, internet and voice services by delivering dual links to each of STW’s 17 office sites and consistent, high bandwidth for its main offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Delivered across AAPT’s MPLS core network, the Business e-LAN service connected the group’s 17 offices on a single local area network using a mix of dual-link 1Gbps Ethernet-over-fibre in metropolitan areas and 10Mbps over copper connections in regional locations.

STW Group also used AAPT’s IP-Line with a dedicated 300Mbps unlimited internet connection and switched its ISDN voice network to AAPT SIP Voice, delivered over AAPT’s Ethernet network.

AAPT’s premium IP service tripled STW Group’s call capacity and adapted to the specific requirements of the business. When used in tandem with e-LAN and National Number Hosting, the IP service allowed STW to centralise its voice infrastructure through its main offices in Sydney and Melbourne in real-time, reducing voice infrastructure and costs.

Using these services, STW’s creative team was provided with fast, no-holds-barred internet access, including free reign over social media sites.

The result

  • 30–40 per cent reduction in voice costs
  • Faster links between offices
  • Excellent internet and content sharing
  • Improved inter-office collaboration

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