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Wholesale IP VPN

AAPT Wholesale IP VPN enables your clients to productively share applications and communicate between offices over their own virtual private network.

AAPT Wholesale IP VPN

Our IP VPN incorporates any-to-any connectivity, meaning anyone on your customer’s network can instantly share voice, data and applications. It also provides them with:

  • Access to AAPT’s highly resilient industry leading, carrier-grade IP/MPLS network platform.
  • An extensive variety of access methods including Ethernet, DSL and Wireless (3G) access. Service and performance levels designed to meet network, business and application requirements.
  • Numerous redundancy options that ensure business availability.
  • Access to AAPT’s extensive reach, which, combined with DSL, SDH, fibre networks and access services from a range of third-party suppliers, can reach practically every business in Australia.
  • An array of QoS options to suit specific needs and budget.


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